An Artful Approach to Food Photography

I have been working steadily as a food photographer since I accidentally stumbled upon this strange and wonderful sect in the vast world of commercial photography back in 2012 - where I was offered the project lead for a big rebrand of a Toronto-based tea company.

I have worked solo on multiple commercial projects for restaurants and culinary artisans for several years before teaming up with my creative partner and my best friend, Alison Page, to form Page+Paper. It was as Page+Paper when we were offered the opportunity to photograph Araxi Restaurant's sophomore cookbook, 'Roots to Shoots', which eventually won us a 2017 Applied Arts Award in the Food Photography category. We have since shot many culinary and lifestyle campaigns and editorials for branded materials, digital advertising, and print. Life took both of us in different directions, however; Alison now spearheads all of the stunning visual campaigns for Four Winds Brewery whereas I have gone on to start my own cookbook project (currently ongoing), take on collaborations and paid work from smaller businesses, and teach a few beginner photography workshops. Alison and I still work as creative partners for bigger projects - cookbooks, editorials, print and digital campaigns - in the midst of both our solo ventures as professional photographers. We are also a part of a small creative collective with our friend and graphic designer Monograph&Co.; we have named our group One of Us. We publish an annual magazine focusing on creating Canadian content on two subjects that interest us the most: the fascinating intersection between food and art.

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